4 Top Tips To Have It All And Do It All

4 Top Tips To Have It All And Do It All

“When Lauren found out she was pregnant, she really didn’t have her life stitched up. An American, in love with an Australian on a traveller’s visa about to have unplanned twins sounds a bit like the intro to some kind of romantic comedy, but fascinatingly, the entrepreneur and business course facilitator found a way to have it all AND do it all.

“It was do or die,” Lauren says of her decision to really go for it – building her business right at the onset of a whole new life with twins.

“I wasn’t willing to create a smaller life in order to have kids, rather I made the choice to actually commit to my life. All of it.”

By the time the twins were born, Lauren’s commitment to her work was no longer a thing separate to her life and her love. Rather it was a thing integrated. So it was never a matter of stopping work in order to rest after birth because the work wasn’t draining her, it was feeding her. And the trick, says Lauren, was asking this one big question: What are these kids going to add to my life?”

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