Lauren Marie is a Joy of Business facilitator, acupuncturist, entrepreneur and mother of young twins. She travels worldwide with her babies, facilitating classes and changing her clients’ point of view about life, health and business. Born on the outskirts of Washington D.C., Lauren relocated to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast after an unconventional encounter led to marriage, pregnancy and premature birth twins. A passionate creator and conscious rule-breaker, Lauren seeks to inspire other mothers to see the possibilities others overlook and to embrace every challenge and choice that parenthood brings.

Lauren often hears the following ‘Myths of Motherhood’:lauren-preston

1) It is not possible to be a Mum and run a business: Lauren asks, “What if being a mum allowed you to create more? Why not have it all? Why not use being a mother to your full advantage? What if becoming a Mum could allow you to create more, not less? What if you having a business was a contribution to your kids, not a sacrifice?”

2) Being a good parent is all about sacrifice: “Have you started making sacrifices ‘for your family’?  Have you started giving up parts and pieces of you ‘for your kids’?  The problem with that is, the more you give up, the less of you there is in the world.  And the lessening of you is never a contribution.  Not to your children, to you, or to anyone!” Lauren warns.

3) You must maintain balance: “I hear this all the time: setting work hours, attending gym three times a week, yoga every morning, creating ‘husband time’ after the kids go to bed. I tried this … and I fell asleep”, Lauren remarks. “Today I answered emails and Skype calls while pushing my kids in their swings. Yesterday I listened to a lecture while I made dinner, and the kids’ dad played with them. It works much better for all of us if we go with the flow!”

Lauren believes that children thrive in environments where their parents place emphasis on creativity, possibility and personal and financial fulfilment. “Your children will learn how to be and what to be based on what you be and do.  When you choose more for you, they learn that it is ok for them to be more too!” she advises.


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