Money Mondays

Welcome to Money Mondays!! Where we play with creating your finances and your future.

The clearing nights will be your chance to shift anything that stops you from having all of the money you desire with total ease.

The next Clearing Night is Monday 11th September 9pm PT [Global Times Here] for 60-75 minutes based on your questions. Cost is $40 USD payable via paypal after you register using the form above!

OR to play in the Free Facebook Group with weekly challenges, tools, tips and more, just go to

Money Monday all started when Lauren Marie and her husband Dylan Duncan chose to take some time out of their week to look at their finances and make it FUN!! Heading out to a nice restaurant, enjoying a nice meal and a glass of wine and looking at the future they wanted to create!

Hear them talk about they went from losing money, hating money, and avoiding finances to celebrating money, here!

Since it began Money Monday has proven to be something that could be fun for anyone that is interested in creating a future and being aware of their finances

It certainly isn’t just for couples or business people or parents…it’s for everyone! What if you took a few hours out of your week to have a date with your finances and your future?

This group has been put together for those that would like to explore this and have some fun with other people that would like to grow and expand their future with finances and MONEY…and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

What if finances, spreadsheets and educating yourself on money could be fun and you could flirt with your finances?

What if handling your sh*t didn’t have to suck?

If this would contribute to you and your life and living please request to join the group and we will get you started!

A lot of the tools we will be using will be from Access Consciousness and Access Joy of Business and you can find out more at: and

Money Mondays was inspired by the founder of the Joy of Business, Simone Milasas, who frequently takes her partner, Brendon, out for a wine and dine with their laptops too! The two couples sat down for a chat recently about money and relationships… watch it here!