A Mompreneur is defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.


  • You are busier than ever before (welcome to motherhood) yet somehow still bored
  • You have trouble getting anything completed (but you love starting things!)
  • You have a burning desire to do more, have more, create more. More more more!
  • Normal mom-groups and mom-activities (and moms) make you a little nauseous
  • You have written 452 books, started 127 ventures, and patented 347 inventions (all in your head)


  • You’ve had a kid (or 6) in the hopes that that would create a different future for you (ie everything would magically change, you would get happy, or some other problem would be solved)
  • You’ve thrown all of your energy into your children or husband’s life, but seem to have forgotten to live yours
  • You have been judging yourself for not being fulfilled ‘staying home’ with the kids

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