3 Things To Remember When You Don’t Feel Quite Like You

3 Things To Remember When You Don’t Feel Quite Like You

Have you ever found yourself asking what’s the point? With no explanation, reason or rhyme you are just fed up!

Have you ever gone to sleep with not a care in the world and woke up fed up, irritated and easily annoyed? Growling and gritting your teeth, rolling your eyes and if someone asked you what was it that made you so angry…you have no idea! This might even last the whole day if you don’t have a way to change it.

So the next time this grey cloud descends over your world just remember these 3 tips and see what changes for you!

1. Ask: “Who does this belong to?”

Is it possible that none of these emotions even belong to you? Perhaps you are more aware of the upset around you than you thought! If that sounds too far fetched – check in with this scenario and see if it ever has happened to you:

You walk into a room and sense a tense atmosphere. You just know that there has been an incident that created this tension. You know it might not be a great idea bring it up and ask in case it reignites the argument. You feel all tense and awkward and weird, not sure what, if anything, to do.

Guess what? You are aware of everything around you! You are aware of the energy of what was created before you walked in and you are aware of the awkwardness of the aftermath.

So when you get all cranky, grumpy and really just not your joyful self just ask this simple question “who does it belong to?”. Do not seek an answer, simply every time a thought, feeling or emotion pops in your world ask that question. Eventually you will be like a walking, talking meditation and not at the effect of everything that goes on around you.

2. If you were being you, what would you choose?

We can get a bit carried away, react and say things and wonder afterwards, “Why did I do that?” So in the heat of the moment when it all seems to be spiralling out of control and we just cannot put our finger on exactly what it is that has created all this craziness, ask this question “if I were truly being me what would I choose?”

This question takes us out of the tit for tat world of blame and annoyance and just gently reminds us we always have choice, we can still continue with the crazy or just choose something different. We all do not see the world in the same way so why get into the nitty gritty of the finer details and feelings of life when someone else isn’t reading your mind to meet your needs and all these “you should’s” start being pointed at people. It distracts us from the truth that we can change what is not working if we would just ask a question.Have you ever wondered after a while why you were arguing or judging yourself or the other person in the first place? Usually this is a sign that you’re not being you!

3. Shine on!

Remember this – you are magic walking! Please do not wait for other people to tell you this, to acknowledge you, to see your greatness and your brilliance. People are consumed in their own lives…just as you are often consumed in yours! So whether or not anyone else sees you, shine that light bright and know that you being you makes a difference in the world.

When you are wondering what’s the point or are you doing enough and questioning every brilliant thing about you please remember the fact that you being you, walking, breathing, smiling, doing all those ordinary things are in fact extra ordinary. The simplest thing can change someone’s day or even someone’s life.

When my twins laugh uncontrollably or go on an adventure in my back garden or even just snuggle in for a hug, that makes a huge difference. It lights up my world! I doesn’t cost them a cent to do that. They do those things because they are being themselves. We often dismiss that us being our natural selves and not judging who we should be and what we should act like is one of the biggest game changers in the world. This is the invitation for people to stop judging themselves and choose what would work for them too.

The adventure of living is definitely not always smooth sailing, but it never has to get too much for you. If no one and nothing was greater than you, what would you choose?