Empowering You To A Life Worth Living

With the rise of social media, the prevalence of judgment on other parents has reached epidemic proportions. A recent US study found that 90% of Moms and 85% of Dads feel judged by others, and nearly half of all parents feel judged almost all the time. According to Sunshine Coast business coach and mother of twins, Lauren Marie, this constant demand to conform to others’ rules not only undermines a parent’s wellbeing – it also stifles their ability to follow their dreams and create new financial opportunities for themselves and their families.

A passionate entrepreneur with an unconventional pregnancy story, Lauren is concerned that most parents regulate many of their life choices in order to be seen as a “good parent”. As the expectations grow around them, new mothers and fathers begin to stifle their natural impulses, sacrifice their dreams and place more emphasis on society’s unwritten rules than on personal fulfillment. In doing so, Lauren believes that parents limit their actions – and therefore their possibilities for true happiness and financial wellbeing. “What if becoming a parent could allow you to create more, not less?” she suggests. “What if you are not expected to be ‘perfect’?”

Lauren believes that children thrive in environments where their parents place emphasis on creativity, possibility and personal and financial fulfillment. “Your children will learn how to be and what to be based on what you be and do.  When you choose more for you, they learn that it is ok for them to be more to.”

With Lauren’s help, you can maintain balance, run a business and learn how to not sacrifice yourself.  You can do one on one sessions with Lauren to get the tools you need to empower yourself to be the parent you truly want to be.


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