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With the rise of social media, the prevalence of judgment on other parents has reached epidemic proportions. A recent US study found that 90% of Moms and 85% of Dads feel judged by others, and nearly half of all parents feel judged almost all the time. According to Sunshine Coast business coach and mother of twins, Lauren Marie, this constant demand to conform to others’ rules not only undermines a parent’s wellbeing – it also stifles their ability to follow their dreams and create new financial opportunities for themselves and their families.

A passionate entrepreneur with an unconventional pregnancy story, Lauren is concerned that most parents regulate many of their life choices in order to be seen as a “good parent”. As the expectations grow around them, new mothers and fathers begin to stifle their natural impulses, sacrifice their dreams and place more emphasis on society’s unwritten rules than on personal fulfillment. In doing so, Lauren believes that parents limit their actions – and therefore their possibilities for true happiness and financial wellbeing. “What if becoming a parent could allow you to create more, not less?” she suggests. “What if you are not expected to be ‘perfect’?”

Lauren believes that children thrive in environments where their parents place emphasis on creativity, possibility and personal and financial fulfillment. “Your children will learn how to be and what to be based on what you be and do.  When you choose more for you, they learn that it is ok for them to be more to.”

With Lauren’s help, you can maintain balance, run a business and learn how to not sacrifice yourself.  You can do one on one sessions with Lauren to get the tools you need to empower yourself to be the parent you truly want to be.


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Why Moms Make Great Employees & Entrepreneurs

Why Moms Make Great Employees & Entrepreneurs

“If you want something done ask a busy person” – Benjiman Franklin

Enter the role of ‘mumpreneur.’ Whether an employee or entrepreneur, a mum knows how to multi-task, prioritise, and get the job done. No stretching out tasks to kill time because every moment counts when spending it away from the kids. You won’t have to worry about production.

She’s accustomed to loss-of-sleep, sickness and all the guts and glory of motherhood. She won’t be coming up with excuses not to work; she’s got enough whining at home. A mum is bullet-proof. Whether juggling multiple projects, managing accounts, clients, or just filing paperwork – a mum is a natural multi-tasker.

A mum will appreciate the break from the kid-zone and the creative ‘adult’ time. She’s grateful for the income and the chance to provide for her family. Her gratitude is the key to success. She’ll enjoy what she does, which means she will be great at it. It will also mean she’ll make you lots of money if she works with you. A mum doesn’t mess around.

She will be less likely to jump ship and she’ll be more committed for the sake of her kiddos and her future. A mum doesn’t quit.

Late night science projects are just the start. She’s written 47 books, masterminded 312 inventions and launched 511 businesses (all in her head). Time to get that brilliance out into the world. A mum is über-creative.

Ever heard of “kid tested and mother approved?” All day long, mums are product testing. Straight away she knows the best snacks, the worst stain removers, and the iPad apps that hold the kids’ attention. Mums are the ultimate test dummies.

Sharing everything from recipes, to makeup tips with each other, mum’s are great communicators and will discuss the things they love with everyone they meet, for free. Want to sell a product, fill seats in an event, get a million hits to your blog? What she does naturally, what she does best, is talking it up. A mum is your greatest connector.

Living in the moment, putting out fires, literal and figurative, is what they do best, so if you want someone who can do damage control, come up with an emergency plan and think on her feet, a mum is your gal.

Running on fumes, forgetting to eat, and requiring little sleep, she will put her heart and soul into it. Like all creative geniuses, the mum is fuelled by passion. Innovative by nature, motivated by circumstance, she will have an unending supply of generative, inspiring ideas ripe for instituting and the stamina to see them through.

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The Way I Create My Business

The Way I Create My Business

I got to chat with Lady Boss Blogger  about my adventures in business! Where I started, how I created it and what I did next!

In a nutshell I was born on the outskirts of Washington D.C., relocated to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast after an unconventional encounter that led to marriage, pregnancy and premature birth of twins. I love to live my life as a passionate creator and conscious rule-breaker, I would like to inspire other mothers to see the possibilities others overlook and to embrace every challenge and choice that parenthood brings.

How it all began is very different to where I am now. You cannot always plan where life and business will go. Alot has changed along the way. Find out more about the way I create my business in my interview in Lady Boss Blogger here.